Loretta Fanella and gelato as “an essential element” of a dessert

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The pastry chef told us about her experience in the biggest international kitchens and her relationship with gelato

At first Loretta Fanella impresses you with her calm and grace, then when you see her at work you understand that behind her there is a stratification of studies and experiences that brought her to the biggest international kitchens from Cracco to the brothers Adrià and to the Enoteca Pinchiorri. Each of these experiences has changed her approach to patry, but at the base remains her elegant and colorful style and the gelato as an essential element and declined in several forms. We met her at Host 2019 where she created a wonderful dessert dedicated to autumn colors and flavors (visible in the video HERE) and she told a little about herself.


Loretta Fanella: “My favorite flavor is pistachio. The first time I ate gelato I was definitely little, but I loved gelato, because I have always seen it as the perfect snack in summer that refreshes your palate, it's always nice to eat gelato, at any time of day but also any month.”


Loretta Fanella: “Each of my experiences in these years has given me something different. From the beginning Fabio Tacchella helped me to enter this world, a very creative chef, little known but with an impressive amount of creativity. Then Cracco who gave me the confidence to try to be inventive with pastry. The completeness that was given to me in Spain by the Adrià brothers, I saw the birth of freeze-drying adapted to the kitchen, the gelling of many natural substances that are used in haute cuisine. I have changed my philosophy of pastry, but remaining tied to traditional Italian flavor, so respect for the raw materials and ingredients that I certainly got at the Enoteca Pinchiorri in Italy, which is a landmark of Italian gastronomy.


Loretta Fanella: “Gelato in my desserts is an essential element, because I find it to be that element that refreshes, lightens the dessert being eaten at the end of each meal, so the customer is already full and eager for dessert, but the dessert shouldn't be too heavy. Gelato helps me to do this, to make the dessert fresh and more enjoyable.”


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