Intoxicating triumph of aromas and spring flavours

soft serve consulting

Retail concept: Tea room located in a Middle East capital with constant flow of visitors, expert staff.


Target: Mainly women (25-60 years), good spending power, gelato consumption takes place inside the store


Creative Idea/Food Design/Food Styling: The Spring soft serve celebrates the triumph of spring and is inspired by the Centifolia rose, considered the perfect rose with its numerous petals and bright pink colour. The maximum expression of form, elegance, color and fragrance is combined with the rose, the queen of flowers.




The Swirl sphere nozzle manages to reproduce its shape by evoking its large, velvety petals.

The artisanal mixture of rose and honey is served on a crunchy wafer reminiscent of a woven wicker basket. The food styling is elegant and captivating, also suitable for unusual places such as tea rooms frequented by girlfriends who meet for an afternoon of chat or ladies during a shopping break. At the same time, it is able to draw the attention of families with girls and lovers of flowers and nature. The colour palette is consistent with the styling of the product, to be inspired by the decoration and customization of the environment in which the soft serve is inserted.




The machine is a 191 Classic Star Total Only You customized with the colour Pink.



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