In the Kitchen Tour goes back to Piedmont - The 4th stage of 2019 will be held in Casale Monferrato

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Wednesday 11 September, Cascina Faletta 1881 - Casale Monferrato (AL)

A little more than a year after the last CHIC event in Piedmont, Wednesday 11 September In The Kitchen Tour returns to one of the regions most suited to good food and agro-food culture for the 4th stage of the event year BTOB conceived and organized by CHIC - Charming Italian Chef: an opportunity to meet the chefs of the area with national companies in the sector and with the excellence of Piedmontese food and wine.

The event will be, as always, dedicated to the confrontation, knowledge and tasting of the excellence of the territory and to the contaminations: over 20 chefs and pizza makers, from 10.30 to 14.30, will cook guided by improvisation and by the suggestions of the moment, choosing the raw materials among the products of the companies present. A sort of "market area" with about 30 companies, including national association partners and local companies, will be the source of inspiration for the CHIC culinary jam session.

The Piedmontese appointment of 2019 will be held at Cascina Faletta 1881, in the heart of Monferrato, an estate dating back to the end of 800. It is suggested by the original ceramic plaque bearing this date, still placed on the entrance portal. A first element that announces the precise desire of the owners, Elena Novarino and Giovanni Rosso to preserve the extraordinary traces of the past. A meticulous renovation, according to the canons of green building, has allowed the creation of a wonderful farmhouse, ten rooms (two of which are apartments) equipped with every comfort, a winery (producing reds, whites and bubbles) with tasting room and a restaurant, the Restaurant Faletta 1881 which offers dishes from the great Piedmontese tradition, interpreted with genius and elegance, led by Paolo Viviani, CHIC member since 2017. Born in Novara, before joining Faletta 1881 he undertook numerous experiences in hotels and restaurants high level: his Piedmontese origins, the experience gained, the passion for cooking and knowledge of the territory are the fundamental ingredients that guide him in the creation of his dishes.

Paolo Viviani will obviously be the coordinator and "head brigade" of the day, where Piedmontese chefs will be involved, but also Lombard and Ligurian and some pizza chefs who together will cook unpublished dishes and pizzas, impromptu inspired by local products. «It will be a memorable day. Working side by side with other chefs is stimulating and always leads to incredible results, "said Viviani.




"We are very happy to host this edition. It is an experience that allows us to know other realities. Food is a powerful bond among men. It puts new energy and good humor into circulation, "said Elena Novarino, owner of Cascina Faletta.

At the event, together with Paolo Viviani the CHIC members will be present: Flavio Costa of the Restaurant 21.9 in Piobesi D'Alba (CN), Umberto De Martino of the restaurant Florian Maison in San Paolo D'Argon (BG), Enrico Gerli of the restaurant I Castagni in Vigevano, Giorgio Servetto of the Ristorante Nove in Alassio (SV).

With them, other Piedmontese and Ligurian catering professionals: Emanuele Bagnasco of the Locanda del 600 in Casalnoceto (AL), Piero Bertinotti of the Pinocchio Restaurant in Borgomanero (NO), Massimiliano Celeste of the Il Portale Restaurant in Verbania, Fabio Ciriaci Chef - Pizzaiolo di Gusto Mother in Alba (CN), Christian Conidi of the Ancient Royal Court in Cervere (CN), Gianpiero Cravero of the Hotel Restaurant Cravero in Novara (NO), Luca Cuttica of Villa Tiboldi in Canale (CN), Federico Ferrari of Mirepuà Food Lab in Acqui Terme (AL), Paolo Gatta of the Restaurant Pascia in Invorio (NO), Cristiano Gramegna of Rosso di Sera in Castelletto Ticino (NO), Thomas Morra, Walter Rexhepi and Mattia Stefano of the Cavolo a Merenda Restaurant in Asti, Manuel Marchetta of Ristorante Mimosa del Miramare The Palace Resort in Sanremo (SV), Enza Narcisi of the Locanda dei Narcisi in Pozzolo Formigaro (AL), Massimiliano Prete Chef - pizza maker of Gusto Divino in Saluzzo and Sesto Gusto in Turin, Giovanni Ricciardella of Cascina Vittoria in Rognano (PV), Agostino Sala of the Milan Restaurant of Verbania, Andrea Soban Gelato Maestro of the SOBAN Gelateria in Alessandria, Fabrizio Tesse of the Restaurant La Rei - Boscareto Resort in Serralunga D'Alba (CN), Gabriele Vannucci Maestro AMPI and Carpigiani Gelato University instructor, Pier Giuseppe Viazzi of the Arianna Restaurant in Cavaglietto (NO), Ilario Vinciguerra of the Ilario Vinciguerra Restaurant in Gallarate (VA).

Among the CHIC partner companies: Acqua Valverde, Agugiaro & Figna, Carpigiani, CZ Agricultural Company, FSG Italy, GICO Grandi Impianti Cucine, Az. Agricola GIOLì, Giuliano Tartufi, Koppert Cress, Moretti Forni, Nespresso, Piazza Effepi, Good Rice, Royale , Selecta Spa.

Among the local producers: Società Agricola La Faletta, Birra Canediguerra, Cascina Valeggia, Cascine Fontana, Azienda Della Valle, Cantina Hic et Nunc, Grappe Altavilla, Gusto Divino, Nino l'Italico Suino.



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